Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Eve

We spent several hours in the huge shopping centre between stores, buying mobile phones and SMS cards for the phones and ipads then had to go to another store to get them all to work! But we are now connected with everyone and just in time as Jan and Wendy were talking and not watching where Andrew and I were going so we had to ring them to find them! What would we do without our technology!
The New Years Eve buffet at the hotel was amazing! Every conceivable type of seafood, beautiful meats and a huge variety of Asian foods. The dessert table looked fantastic and tasted it too!
After dinner, Jan and I took off for the fireworks. The subway, tuktuks and lots of walking got us to the River and at midnight the skies lit up! There were about 10 different barges and hotel rooftops that we could see! What a show! And we made it safely back to the hotel...even if it was at 2 am. Wow was the subway packed and we were the only Westerners!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Leaving on a jet plane!

Passport: tick
Inter. Drivers license: tick
Typhoid needle: tick
Malaria tablets: tick
Thai baht: tick
Suitcase: tick
iPad: tick
Anyone sense there is a holiday soon? Jan and Kathy are at the airport on our way to Thailand!

Very uneventful flight...just the way I like it. Don't remember flying over Brisbane before so tried out my new camera in taking a photo from the plane and then Jan took one of the full moon as we were landing in Bangkok. Bangkok airport is massive and was all decorated for Christmas even though they don't celebrate it!