Saturday, 28 May 2016

Friday 27, Saturday 28 May, 2016

Today we decided to take the ferry to Macau, a peninsula 60 k west of Hong Kong with a population of  550,000, known for its casinos. When we got to the ferry departure there was a girl asking if we were going to Macau and we said yes and she pointed us to an area to buy tickets. So we bought return tickets and off we went. The ride was a bit choppy but we didn't take any notice until we got to Macau and someone said there was a Level one Typhoon alert.

This is what the waves looked like against the ferry.

In Macau we took a hotel bus to Wynn's hotel and Casino. They certainly put on a spectacular show in their rotunda.
The ceiling has all the signs of the zodiac and looks like it was bronze.
As it opens there is a laser show..lovely designs!
Then a chandelier stars to defend from the ceiling!
This is at least 8 meters wide and a drop of 3 metres. Just beautiful!
When the chandelier has finished descending a Tree of Prosperity starts to ascend! Such an amazing show and it is on every half hour!
We looked through the casino area and then headed to the MGM. Such a beautiful atrium with 38 glass butterflies and an amazing fish tank.

The lion I'd the MGM hallmark and this one was a gift from France.

We had a coffee break and then headed through the foyer...

Off to the Landmark Hotel..certainly not as elaborate!

Headed back to the ferry terminal and show our tickets...only to be told they leave from one of the islands off Macau. We didn't even think to ask at Kawloon if return meant to and from the same terminal!! So 40 minutes later after we found the correct bus to take us to the other island we departed on the ferry to another less than smooth trip! As we were ready to dock, I looked at Rob and said this is not is Hong Kong Island!! So now we had to find the correct underground to take us back to Kowloon! Getting very good at the underground! What a day!
Went to the night markets but couldn't find anything that we couldn't do without!

Saturday we headed off to the ladies least we ended up with 2 tee shirts! Headed back to the hotel to pack.
Our trip has come to an end...heading to the airport soon, what an adventure! Loved it all!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday 26, May, 2016

Wow! Between blackout drapes and being the end of the trip, we woke up at 8:30! We have never slept that late before. Today we took the underground to Lantau Island to ride the Cablecar. It opened in 2006 and is 5.7k long!

One of the new roads/bridges being built.
Planes lined up on the runway ready to go!

When we got to the top we walked to the Wisdom Path...38 timber columns, between 8-10 metres high carved with the calligraphy of "Heart Sutra" the concept of emptiness and arranged in the form of infinity. I did read it but I could not understand it!
We then walked up to see the Big Buddha, the largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue. 26 metres high, 250 tonnes and made of 202 separate bronze pieces. It is honored as one of the "Ten Engineering Wonders in Hong Kong".
We walked up 200 steps to the Buddha!

Then it was time to take the tram down.
There was an outlet shopping center at the subway station so we spent awhile wandering thru the very expensive even for an outlet center.
This boy and girl were playing this unusual instrument in the subway. They played so beautifully! What a wonderful sound the instrument made! I have no idea what it was!

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Last night we went to the Symphony of Lights. The music is lovely and there is a laser show on the buildings...less than spectacular but the music made up for it!

Wednesday morning we took the ferry to Hong Kong Island and then a bus to the Peak. We took an hours walk around the peak. It was such a pretty place, green and lush, almost rainforest like. In fact if the signs had not been in Chinese, you could have been anywhere. The views were lovely...

The lush side of the island.
An unexpected surprise! A waterfall on our walk.
And a rubber tree!
The Peak building.
We took the vehicular down from the peak!
Later in the day we went to the Stanley Street Markets. They are well known but we were very disappointed. The vendors did not want to bargain and prices were very high.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Monday 23, Tuesday 24 May, 2016

Monday is travelling day. We checked out of the hotel and wheeled our suitcases down the street to the train station. Train to the airport and bus to the international terminal. I booked these tickets 9 months ago and there were no Business Class seats using frequent flyer points (I counted about 90 in Business class)  soooo we had to go First Class! And that is a first for us! Seats are huge...much bigger than Business and of course the seat lies completely flat. There is a cupboard to store and hang your clothes, a lounging outfit to change into and very personalized service.

We landed at 7am Tues, took the train to Kawloon and then the bus to near our hotel. For the first time we rested when we got in, as neither of us really slept on the 11 hr flight.
Our hotel is right on the Harbour...the views would be fabulous if there wasn't any pollution!

About one we headed out to look is so hot and humid!
It really took our energy out of us so back for another rest! Hopefully we'll be good tomorrow!
The new, the old and the crazy..the ice creams sprouted mists but I don't know why anyone wants to add more humidity to this place!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Saturday 21, May, Sunday 22 May, 2016

Surprisingly there is not a lot to see in Frankfurt. The city itself has a population of 600,000 the urban area 2.2million and the regional area has 5.5million so you would think there would be lots to do. 
Last night when we went to dinner, we saw how Frankfurt celebrates TGIF.

Sat we just wandered down to the river and around town taking in the people shopping and all the cute little pop ups. Rob was checking out all the locks on one of the bridges on the Main River.
This is a view of the city from one of the bridges.
There is also a huge Euro in the plaza..constructed and finished for the start of the Euro on 1Jan, 2012. The Stars represent the countries in the Eurozone. It is 14 m high and 50 tonne.

Many of the buildings in Germany look the same, this is the opera house.
Don't know what this building was but it was cutely done!
This was the roof of one of the shopping centers.
We had an excellent steak dinner at the Buffalo Restaurant
This photo was taken at 8pm! Sunset is at 9pm and there is a twilight too!
What I think of as a typical German Plaza.

Sunday we spent the day at Germany's largest Botanical Gardens. Perfect day for it. Sunny and 25! The Rododendrons were amazing!!
Cute family of turtles!
Lovely setting!