Monday, 29 April 2013

On the road again!

Third time lucky? Something is not working in the Blogger app and I have lost all my writing so I 'll try from the Internet blogger. Cross fingers! Well that didn't work as I couldn't add photos so I deleted the app, reinstalled it and it carried over what I had started on the Internet blogger!

After waking to a beautiful moonrise, we finished packing and Matt picked up Rob and I to head to the airport.
We flew Virgin Australia this complaints on the leg to Los Angeles! Plenty seats empty to stretch out on but still only nodded off for a couple hours as it is hard to sleep in the middle of the day as we left at 11:15am. The sunrise was great to see out of the plane but there was so much fog! We were 10 min out of LAX and still couldn't see the ground.
My brother Chuck picked us up from the airport...we waited 30 min for our luggage which was supposed to be priority luggage but we were happy as it was there!
We were so tired when we got to Mum's that we nodded off for a couple hours and then Chuck took us to the phone shop to get a SMS card for my iPad and to Honey Baked Ham for some amazing sandwiches.
One of the altar boys from our wedding stopped by in the afternoon to catch up. 36years ago I was taller than him and now he towers above me!
We joined my brother John, Chuck, his wife Leslie, and son Adam for dinner at Black Angus. Wow!! They has a special for two people: share an appetizer, each have a main meal (mouth watering fillet mignon), two side dishes (I had onion rings and asparagus) and share a dessert for $40! We had apple pie, chocolate cake and a chocolate chip cookie for our desserts! You could hardly eat all the food that was on the table. Dinner for 7 was $160 with 2 bottles of wine.
We slept in this morning and joined Mum and John for breakfast at 10. We then headed to the shopping centre to buy a watch for Rob. When he retired he put his watch somewhere safe as he didn't feel he would need to wear a watch, so safe he can't remember where he put it! Watches were 20% off and the girl somehow gave us another 25% off so the watch was quite a bargain.