Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Tuesday 2 December / Wednesday 3, 2014

Our last full day in New Orleans and the weather put on a treat! Beautiful blue skies with the sun shining! Rob decided to go to see the World War ll War Museum and I hit the shops while Bill and Diane decided to tour the city on the bus system! An all day pass is $3 and takes you around the Garden District, French Quarter, CBD and Uptown, a great system. Rob and I took off to walk through the French Quarter to Canal St where he continued on and I went towards the river to the Outlet Centre. It didn't let me down today, picked up a beautiful black long sleeve dress shirt for Matt, half price at $30! I then walked into Coach to look at handbags, knowing I would never buy one but they were having an almighty sale, half off all bags and if they were already reduced it was another 40% off! Too much of a bargain to pass up and I found one I liked!
Off then to near Bourban St to find a cookbook on Creole cooking for Matt, some souvenir shops to find gifts for the coffee girls and even managed to buy some Christmas presents. By this time the backpack was extremely heavy!!
Headed back to the B&B for a little nana nap...I had walked for 5 1/2 hours! Great exercise but!
Rob really enjoyed the Museum. It showed a 4D movie...when the bombs fell your seat shook like you were there, several tanks and plane displays of that era and general information on the war.
Bill and Diane wanted to see the art museums but they were closed on Tuesdays so they took in some sightseeing.
Wednesday morning we had a later breakfast as our flight was leaving at 1:30 and all we had to do was pack and say goodbye to our hostess of the last few days, Nancy. Great place to stay, good food and very close to the French Quarter! 
Can't believe there are no pictures but I was trying to travel light yesterday with all the walking and didn't take my camera so I'll finish with a few photos of New Orleans that I haven't shown!
Stuff for sale at the market
Buskers everywhere!
Carriage rides all through the French Quarter.
Fountain in Louis Armstong Park.
Reflection of a building in a building!
That's all folks! Next trip Jan and I will be going to Thailand in January to visit Blah Toh, our school in Burma!

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