Wednesday, 27 April 2016

26-28 April, 2016

The day has finally arrived and we are off on our trip to Europe! Matt dropped us at the airport and our flight left on time at 11am for our 9 hr trip to Hong Kong. Early evening arrival and a long 7 hour layover. Slightly tired we wandered around the airport for an hour and then thought we would try to get into the Qantas Lounge. As we had Business Class tickets we could get in and just relaxed there. 
Boarded at 1am and I was sound asleep before we took off. Still have no idea what happened. I was talking to Rob and the next thing I knew it was 6 hours later when I needed to go to the toilet. Somehow I had taken my glasses off, put my noise cancelling earphones on, wrapped myself in my shawl, pushed the correct buttons to flatten the seat into a bed, covered myself with the airline blanket and then fastened my seatbelt over the blanket! Gee I am a clever person! Especially when I am sound asleep!
Landed in Frankfurt and headed for the train to Munich. Amazing train big!

Took the bullet train, 3 1/2 hrs to Munich, quiet and very smooth travelling at some stages at 230km per hour. Very relaxing with lovely views of villages, lots of solar and amazing fields of crops and stunning yellow rapeseed. We also saw a few fields of grape vines. Great way to travel!

Arrived Munich and changed trains for Munich South and our Holiday Inn hotel. Now close to 40 hours of travelling since we left home! No idea whether I'm coming or going!
Decided to take a walk to find a German restaurant that had been recommended. We walked for 1 1/2 hours, in snow flurries with a temp of -4 with the wind chill. Certainly woke us up!!! Snow is so soft. Sadly my jeans were soaked and the tops of my legs were beet red from the cold. Hot shower was wonderful!

Had a good night sleep, great breakfast and now we will go for a walk while we wait for Jan and Andy to arrive!

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  1. Can't believe you walked so long in snow and cold. You are crazy. Don't catch a cold. Snow is soft but WET. Aren't the trains great? Keep on having fun.