Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday 29 April, 2016

Early breakfast at 6:30 to get a full day! Headed off to follow Rick Steves city walking tour. We have used his travel books before and he is spot on with tours and restaurants.
We are now quite proficient at using the underground train system and set off for Marienplatz - Mary's plaza. 
The New Town Hall was built in the late 1800s and has a spire nearly 100 metres. It is famous for its Glockenspiel. A carillon in the tower chimes a tune and colorful figurines come out on the balcony to spin and dance. This is performed 2x a day to huge crowds. It tells the story of a noble wedding.
Went on to see St Peters church (1368) that was badly damaged in WWll but still so beautiful.
The Vikualienmarkt was started in the 1400's and modernized in the 1800's and again in the 20th century. Very few fast food outlets (we have only seen 2 MacDonalds) because taxes are so high for multinationals but very low for small retailers. They set everything out so nicely!
And home to the Maypole.
We walked by the Jewish Synagogue, a few more churches, stopped to have a coffee and then headed to the Hofgarten which was the "garden of the royal court". The Renaissance style temple had great acoustics and there are many performers there.
On our way back to the train we saw an electric car many cars that run on electricity only! Even a coffee cart!
Spring flowers were everywhere...they look so pretty!
We also saw a drone in the sky above one of the statues.
Back to the hotel for a beer...we walked over 10 km according to Jan's phone.

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  1. I'm so glad that you are doing a blog. It is like I'm coming along with you. The Europeans are way ahead of us when it comes to using clean energy, while our government wants to open up yet another huge coal mine. The flowers are pretty but its a shame its not warmer. Glad your friends are better walkers than us. You'll be fit as a fiddle when you get home.