Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Epicurean delight Machu Picchu

At the Sumac Restaurant we were treated to a very special evening! We were taught how to make Pisco Sours which of course is made with Pisco, a juice extracted from fresh grapes that undergo a three to four month fermentation process. The soil quality, climate, cultivation of the vine and storage in large vessels give Pisco it's incomparable texture. The drink is made with Pisco, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white and ice, all shaken for 20 seconds. Quite nice. 
Then we were taught how to make a ceviche, which is fish marinated in salted lime juice! Tonight we had trout! Delicious! They had made a big one as a sample and gave it to the birthday girl, Pat, from New York Island.
The meals were so good and so well presented!
Appetizers Corn pie: delicate pie filled with ox tail and Paria cheese with a delicious sauce made with porcini mushrooms and crisp sweet potato matchsticks.
Causa Filled with two textured chicken breast: layered seasoned mashed potatoes filled with chicken and a delicious avocado sauce, crunchy pano breaded chicken fillets and a creole tradition sauce.
Main dishes:
Alpaca Tenderloin with bernaise and spearmint, grilled mushrooms, mashed potatoes and crispy green beans.
Southern flavored Veal stew cooked for endless hours in a delicious spicy marinade sauce, accompanied by Peruvian pumpkin risotto and bell pepper.
Ravioli filled with beef in Cilantro sauce stew with Jungle grown Brazil Nuts and fried onion rings.
Oven baked trout with flavours from the mountain gods.
Oriental Andean Chicken Breast accompanied by a Peruvian Thai sauce.
The traditional Suspiro a la Limena made with meringue and caramel spread.
Hot Tart with chocolate truffle and a sauce made with forest berries.
Rice Pudding with Pisco soaked raisins, sherbet made from sweet purple corn juice and a thin crunchy quinoa cookie.
So you can see we had quite a meal!
Whoops...somehow the dish with 2 shells got added accidentally. That was my crab salad another night.

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