Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thursday 2 October, 2014

At the airport again for our flight to San Cristobal, one of the remote Galápagos Islands! I once counted up how many flights we were going to do on this trip and how many hours were going to be spent to and froing from airports and decided to ignore the time. I decided that if I want to travel and see these places then I need to look at that time as a necessary evil! The first photo is the view from the airplane of some of the rocks off the island coast.
We boarded the Galápagos Legend cruise ship, 90 metres long with  about 75 other travellers and a crew of about 65! We had lunch as soon as we got on board, unpacked, explored the ship and were on the Zodiac rafts by 3pm. No wasting time here. Off to explore San Cristo! These volcanic islands were formed over the years by hot spots under the sea that was a source of molten lava that pierced the crust of the earth. They were discovered in 1535 and initially mapped in 1561 and became the source of Darwin's intuition about evolution when he was exploring the islands. 
The wildlife is abundant, especially sea lions and Marine Iguanas, and I'm talking hundreds and hundreds just today. 
Each day on board we get a little talk from the naturalists on board as to what we can expect on the next excursion.
Today as I said, we saw lots of sea lions and also the Sally Lightfoot crab as well as frigate birds!

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