Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Friday 3 October, 2014

Wake up calls and all announcements are over the loud speaker system! Certainly gives you a start in the morning. Meals are good and hearty, plenty of local cuisine.
Today we boarded the Zodiacs to explore Espanola Island which is one of the oldest in the archipelago. Gardner Bay is an extensive beach of white coastline...beautiful blue crystal water.  More sea lions, iguanas, and crabs. Also we saw mockingbirds. They have no fear of people, they walk right up to you with out being scared or flying away! I tried snorkeling but to no avail. Got all geared up and in the water. But as I wear glasses, they did not have any corrected lense masks and when I tried the regular mask, I couldn't see at all. Water was lovely though but it would have been great to see all the fish under water.  
This afternoon we went on the other side of the island to Suarez Point. It is a prime sanctuary of birds! They are everywhere! We also saw a blowhole that shoots water 25 metres up into the air. The scenery near the water is so beautiful!
Fortunate to see the blue footed Booby and its chick, many albatross birds and several of their chicks as well as the Galapogos Hawk, yellow warbler, a sea lion pup that was only 2 days old and lava lizards.

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