Sunday, 30 November 2014

Saturday 29 November 2014

NI woke up at 6am, looked outside my window and there were shops!! And it was 12C! We haven't had double digit weather in the morning since we left LA! So off to our last breakfast, which haven't been too shabby either...freshly made waffles to order, eggs to order, French toast, beautiful fresh fruit and Danishes. Not doing any good for the waistline!
When we got off the boat, we walked through the outlet mall -eyes straight ahead- and took a taxi to our Bed and Breakfast Auld Sweet Olive.
After we met our hostess and off loaded our luggage we headed into New Orleans. First stop, coffee at  Who Dat, a cute little place around the corner.

We walked through the French Quarter, through the markets down to the riverfront, 
Saw a statue to Joan of Arc
 Watched some kids entertain the crowds (hopping backwards down the stairs)
Bought some hot sauce for Matt then went over to Algiers on the ferry, wandered around there for awhile and then headed back on the ferry. Bought an apple in a little corner shop for $1.24 as I was hungry but $1.24!!! I couldn't believe that one apple could cost so much!
We then walked through Harrads the casino and were quit surprised that you could still smoke in the casino. I've actually noticed lots more people smoke in the US than at home.
Walked through the outlet stores but couldn't find anything as there was all winter clothes and I didn't need any! 
Headed back to the B & B and stopped at the Praline Connection for tea. Rob had Jumbalaya as he wanted to taste a local dish (sausage, rice, cheese and meat). He quite liked it and I had a very delicious baked chicken!
At the B&B Nancy, the owner, was having a tree trimming party. Having never been to a tree trimming party, we decided to pop in and see what it was all about. The idea is that each person must put at least one decoration on the tree. There were hundreds to put up! And the tree was so big!! There was wine and cheese, dips and veges, and nibbles for about 50 people. The tree looked amazing!

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