Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wednesday 12 November, 2014

Happy birthday to me!. 65 years old and I certainly don't feel like it. Scary. But you are only as old as you feel and so since I don't feel like I'm 65, I might just ignore the numbers!
We all went out to dinner at Far Niente, a restaurant where we often eat at. All my family and my Aunt Martha joined us. It was a great night with great food and company. Chuck, the wine buff, bought a couple bottles of beautiful French wine that he had bought the year Chris was born, 1983. It was so smooth! And a lovely memory to Chris. Lesley bought two cakes, a chocolate mousse and an ice cream cake. We celebrated Robert's (Sept) Brian (October) and Alex, Adam and me for Nov. It was lovely to share with my nephews!
Thurs and we are on the road again! Our flight was to Nashville and to the cold. There is an artic vortex that is covering the northern United States, drifting south through the Midwest. It has brought snow to the Northern US and unusually cold weather in the rest of the U.S. So landing in Nashville we got a very cool chill as we walked out of the airport.
Our bed and breakfast accommodation is lovely. Two bedrooms with a lounge - we have the whole downstairs. Kathryn is the owner of the house and Peigi (Peggy) is the innkeeper and cook, both lovely people! 
We had tea and biscuits while we chatted to them about where to eat and what to see. We walked up the street several blocks to a fantastic restaurant, Urban Grub. Quite an adventure to walk in 0C when you aren't used to it! 
It was suggested that we have the Grits and they were excellent! The chef stone grounds the corn to make the grits and they are very creamy. They served them with prawns that were fresh and perfectly cooked! All meals were huge and very tasty.

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  1. Great accommodation and helpful hosts. Walking in the freezing temps is a challenge but lovely when you get inside a warm restaurant. The food was super but too much. Belated Happy Birthday.