Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tuesday 25 November, 2014

Natchez today! Can't believe what people did in the 1700's. The flatboat men brought goods downriver to the city of Natchez for further transport to New Orleans then they walked home...444miles, now known as the Natchez Trace to Nashville!
Natchez was made wealthy by Cotton. In 1860 it was the richest city in the US as so many plantation owners lived here.
Most of these towns are very small and easy to walk around, however the Hop on Hop off busses are great as they give you the history of the town.
Can't see this ever happening in Brisbane! They have erected a Christmas Tree in the middle of an intersection and people have to drive around it! Amazing!!!
This is the home of Regina Carboneau, who is the Culinary Director and Chef de Cuisine of the American Queen. 
Not a lot to do in this town so we just walked around, had a coffee and visited Stanton Hall, built by a cotton broker, Frederick Stanton, on an entire city block. It is an Antebellum Classical Revival Mansion and was bought by the Pilgrimage Garden Club to preserve its historic significance.
Lovely view of the sunset on the river
And before we sailed

And of the calliope as we leave Natchez.


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