Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sunday 9, Monday 10, Tuesday 11 November, 2014

It always seems that when you have plenty of time, you wake up early and today was no exception! Rob and I woke up at 5am today as we are catching a 11:15am flight to Los Angeles with our neighbours Bill and Diane. All went very smoothly, taxi on time, easy run to airport, small queue to check in, time for a coffee and plenty of time to catch the plane. All very uneventful but that is quite fine with me! Actually the plane left early and arrived 30 minutes early in LA.
We really got the third degree going through customs this time. We usually just walk through as we had already been through immigration and they are usually the ones who ask the questions. This guy wanted to know why we were in USA, whose address was on the form (my mums) how much money we had and when I said $250 he said that wasn't enough for 3.5 weeks and I said I had a bank account in US and was going to the bank on Mon and then he wanted to know why I had a US account. I started to say I was a citizen but then figured I'd be in trouble for travelling on an Aust passport so just said it was from a deceased estate. Wow, what a grilling!
My brother John met us at the airport and we stopped for breakfast on the way home. Neither of us had slept on the plane so we took a nana nap at 10:30. That worked quite well as we were then able to last the rest of the day. Chuck took us to AT&T so I could get a SMS card for my iPad. We then went to the camera store as my camera was playing up. When I would turn the camera on the zoom would continue to zoom in and out. So, 3 weeks to get a quote and $240 minimum and Rob and I decided it would be better to get a new camera, which I ordered on the Internet on Mon and got on Tues, saving $160.
Monday and Tuesday we ran errands, buying Dicky work pants for Matt, socks for Rob, Noise canceling headphones for Rob and new suitcases for both of us. Then we headed down to Costa Mesa to meet Jan and Andy for an early dinner. So good to catch up with them. We just pick up where we left off! We travelled with them 18 months ago. 
Wow! Shock! No photos! New camera tomorrow!

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