Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday Jan 11

Jan and I went to Star Flower Special school for the day. One of the teachers was away but there were four teacher aides for 11 students but as they are special school children their needs are so great! One blind, several with very severe cerebral palsy that has distorted their hands and feet, a HIV positive with global delays, two autistic and several intellectually and speech impaired children. We worked with them on activities (each child finds their name as they come in the room to see what activity they will start with) and the boy I started to work with had severe cerebral palsy and used his ring and baby finger to pick up pieces of puzzles and put them together! So amazing! The teacher had organized activities that matched the ability and needs of the child. Carpet time includes a good morning song and a name song to the tune of "this old man". Where the children say their own name and also have to recognize their name card. We then did some maths, they all count in English so that was good!
At morning tea they wash their hands, have calcium and vitamin E tablets with a drink and biscuit! Jan went through the alphabet with them, again in English and we taught them the A,B,C song. They all ate a huge nutritious lunch and then Jan and I read some stories (that they could sing) Old Mac Donald with Australian animals and The Wheels on the Bus...the kids loved it...they are so into music and singing and dancing. Dancing was quite strenuous on me as to help the kids participate i lifted several of them up who could not stand and held them up while they danced..they can really move to the music but no muscle strength by themselves. Next was outdoor play...all very well organized. Loved getting back in the teaching mode!
We then went to the political prisoners museum where we learned about the mess in Burma and the many political prisoners still being held there...about 450. It really is a sad state of affairs. Many of the political prisoners who have been released from jail are in Mae Sot but unable to get passports due to their time in jail and if they venture back into Burma, risk being arrested again.
Tonight was quite different. Rounded up everyone we knew and ventured to Tesco, a British discount store..the first shopping centre in Mae Sot. As it only opened yesterday there were thousands and it was so noisy but interesting to see. Prices seemed cheaper than ours for some things, more expensive for others. I think we fed the 10 of us for $22 including ice creams and a couple coffees!!
Believe it or not we didn't take any photos we've taken about 1000 each, we thought we'd have a break!!

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  1. Sounds like a great school for the disabled.