Monday, 14 January 2013

Sat night/Sunday

For dinner Sat night, Jan and I went to the spectacular restaurant...I have never seen anything like it before. It was built as a tropical rain forest with streams, waterfalls and beautiful plants. The tables and chairs are all made out of lovely timber and were discreetly placed around so as not to overwhelm the environment! The food was delicious but expensive by Thai standards but still extremely cheap by ours! After dinner we walked around taking photos, our favorite pastime. (Freaked out when my iPad wouldn't let me download anymore photos on it...will have to delete some albums when I get home.)
Sunday we walked around Mae Sot. We wanted to get some photos printed to give to all the people we had met and that worked out well. We had to give the man the card to insert in his computer(no photo kiosks here!) and he nearly died when he saw all the photos! I think we have taken over 1000 each! Lots of editing to do!
We then went to see the reclining Buddha and then went to another one where Daniel and I climbed about 450 really steep steps to see several Buddahs. The view was fantastic! (Flowers below we're way way down the hill, taken at 96 zoom!)
We then went to the Sunday night markets (lots and lots of food...fried locusts or grubs anyone!) and had a corn on the cob to tide us over until dinner.
A relaxed but busy day!

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  1. That looks an exotic restaurant to be out in the back blocks. Great photos, you'll have fun trying to cull.