Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thurs 17 Jan

Happy Birthday to Jan!
Jan got up at the crack of dawn this morning to hopefully see sunrise at the cemetery for the POW's but that didn't work so she went down to see the Bridge on River Kwai but was still too early so took the photos and ended up seeing sunrise over another bridge near where we were staying. I slept in a bit more and then went across the street to the river to view the sunrise.
We had breakfast, packed up and went to the River Kwai markets. I bought two dresses and two skirts for the grand total of less than $20! A beer t-shirt for Matt was $4. You wonder how they make any money!
We then headed off to Bangkok, with Jan navigating using Google Maps and the trusty blue dot and me driving. We were going great guns and had made really good time with Jan's excellent navigating until at the very last turn into the driveway to the hotel, I turned 10 metres too soon! It then took 45 min driving the back streets of Bangkok, up the highway and back again before we found the hotel again!! What a relief to get into our room!
What a trip! Jan and I drove over 1500km, never seeing an accident or being involved in one! Some hair raising situations but all ended well!
We had the most glorious shower tonight..not that we didn't shower every day but the pressure of water has been lacking in places. And this hotel had a hair dryer..amazing how you are grateful for the little things!
We dressed up and had the buffet dinner downstairs to celebrate Jan's birthday...lovely evening!

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  1. It must have felt good to be back in civilisation. My goodness you drove in Bangkok traffic you are crazy.