Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sun 20 Jan

Decided we would explore Chinatown today! Got in a taxi and the driver said 400 baht to Chinatown and we said no, that last night was only 200 baht and we said put the meter he said 250 baht and we said okay and he took the freeway and he paid the toll so all worked out about right! Wandered around just looking at the stalls when we saw a discount shoe shop and thought we'd head there. Unfortunately (or fortunately for our wallets) it was closed but we walked past a massage shop that had reflexology foot massages so we thought we'd try that...oh what bliss for our feet, which have certainly coped with a lot of walking this trip. One hour $10! They also did our arms, shoulders, back and head. Wow could they sort out the sore spots too! It felt like we were walking on air when we left there!
Headed then for the Siam Centre then where you can buy everything from Maserati's to tea! The art inside was very impressive and the shops were quite different in their displays. We found this terrific coffee shop, Mr. Jone's Orphanage. Teddy bears and trains everywhere with toy soldiers for the children to play with. We had Red Velvet cake and Kit Kat cake, I had tea and Jan had a milkshake called "wanna, wanna have" of chocolate, macadamias and caramel. All the milkshakes had such cute names. Great lunch! (Have to be naughty some times!)
Took the sky train back to the hotel...think we've tried every form of transport in Bangkok! Packed up as we have a big day scheduled for tomorrow! Will do the last log from the airport tomorrow night!

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  1. You didn't eat all that cake??? The massage sounds great. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.