Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday 14 Jan

Traveling day! All packed up, Jan and I left Mae Sot after breakfast for Kanchanaburi! ( Can actually remember how to pronounce and spell some of these names.)
The start to a beautiful drive, the sun was trying to peek out of the very foggy day (or snowy as they call it here! Up the mountain and down the mountain to Tak and then south towards Bangkok, turning East a couple hours out of Bangkok. It took us about 7 hours to drive, stoping a couple times to change drivers and have lunch (a cup of instant breakfast, which tasted like a chicken, corn and rice soup, and a Magnum ice cream as that is all we trusted at the petrol station. Petro is $1.00 a litre which would be so expensive to a Thai person.
The scenery was beautiful and the roads were mostly excellent. Rice paddies, mustard plants so fields of yellow and long straight stretches of road all with planted median strip! Huge factories the further south we got.
Thankfully the trip was non eventful...we are getting old hat at driving in Thailand now. You always have to be ready for the unexpected like to arrows pointing in the same direction on a two lane highway or cars or motorbikes coming at you!!! The loads of sugar cane we saw aould not fit under some of our overpasses! We could travel at 120k most of the way and I lost count of how many police stops there were...I think they just like to look busy. Most of them just waved us on but one asked where we had come from and I said Mae Sot and his eyes opened a bit and I said we were going to Kanchanaburi and his eyes got bigger. He asked my name and where I was from, I said Aust and he shook his head and waved us on. I think he was amazed a two women drivers driving all that way (as we're only 1 1/2 hrs out from our destination.
So tonight we are staying in a little cottage on the River Kwai.Wow!
We are really exhausted after the drive (as then it took us one hour to find the tourist information as even the policeman we asked didn't know!) took us three goes to find a place to stay so we are here because we were so tired but it is a bit rundown so well move on tomorrow.
Night all!

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  1. You adventure seeker you! My eyes are wide like the policeman's.