Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Monday 22 September, 2014

Today we had a 5am wake up call to head to Iguassu Falls. Not only were we bussed to the airplane and had to load from the Tarmac, we were only about 10 m from the runway and planes that were landing! (Never in Australia!)
The falls are 3.2 km wide.they were founded in the 1500's I think. We walked along the top of the falls on this side. They have had a lot of rain lately so the falls had a lot more water than usual and it was very brown due to all the rain. They say in 2006 they had no rain that year so had hardly any rain in the falls.
There were a few birds that were spectacular (this one was a crested jay of some sort) and a very interesting animal similar to a raccoon. Butterflies galore! They are everywhere! One landed on Jan's hat and stayed there while we walked down about 60 steps. It then moved to her back!
It is hard to describe the falls, there is so much water falling over the edge. I only wish I could remember all the statistics! As they are so spectacular, waterfalls that we would normally think of as unbelievable, pale into insignificance when looking at all the falls.
Some of the falls we saw today fall over 90 metres!
Dinner at the hotel and a somewhat early night.

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  1. You were lucky it had been raining before. A friend of mine went there and wasn't that impressed because there wasn't much water falling.