Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tuesday 23 September, 2014

Today we see the Brazilian side of the falls...certainly the most spectacular side. We started with a group photo, saw a fabulous toucan in a tree and then headed off on the walk. We walked along the base of the falls and then took an elevator up to the top of the falls. I don't even know how to explain how spectacular these falls are! They beat Niagara and Victoria Falls in Africa hands down. Mrs Roosevelt, wife of one of the Presidents of the US was heard to have said "poor Niagara" when she saw the Iguassu Falls.
Iguassu means Big Water. The falls are made up of 275 separate falls, all which have names! 1756 m3 per second of water falls! It is just so amazing to watch!
We got very wet going across the catwalk. We had ponchos from when we had gone to Australia Zoo 12 years ago and I take them on each trip but this is the first time we have used them!
After seeing the falls Jan, Michelle and I along with 2 other couples took a boat ride to see the falls. It was a cross between a jet boat ride and river rafting. So exciting and they took us under the falls! We were soaked, ponchos or no ponchos. Some people even wore their swimmers! Michelle took all the photos with a underwater camera so Ill post them as soon as I download them. While we went on the boat ride, Rob and many others went to the bird park. Rob had a crash course in how to use a iPhone and he went quite well!
We are sitting at the airport now and our plane has been delayed two hours. It is a great group and we have made lots of friends!


  1. Sure are amazing falls. You sound like you are having loads of fun. The birds are beautiful.

  2. Wow, you have seen some fantastic birds.It makes our Currumbin outing the other day look ordinary.