Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Monday Sept 8 2014-Tuesday Sept 9 2014

Only a couple hours more and we will be landing at Santiago Airport, Chile for the start of a months tour through South America. An uneventful flight so far, a little late out of Sydney. We have all dozed off and on, hopefully enough as we arrive in Chile at 11:30am with the day ahead after having left home at 5am!
Wandered around town after we checked in at the Intercontinental Hotel. Interesting facade, all planted! Found out that we can't buy SMS cards for our iPads that will work in all of South America. They will only work in each country so as we will be in Brazil for about two weeks, we will try and get them there. For now it's coffee at Starbucks for the free Internet.. We ventured on the underground to near where we took the Funicular to where we had a fantastic view of most of Santiago, with the snowcapped mountains in the background. A huge city of 7 million people over 19 square kilometers. Everyone wears very dark colours, we haven't seen any bright coloured clothing nor cars for that matter. Very few older people around and doesn't seem very multicultural as we are.
Today (Tuesday) we really had a sleep in...9am before we could even open our eyes!! and we were all asleep by 9pm last night. After buffet breakfast we took the "hop on hop off " bus all around Santiago stopping at a couple places to take in the sights, one of which was the house of the Nobel Prize for literature, Pablo Neruda. Very interesting! Lots of police on horses and many on foot as well. They seem to be everywhere you turn! What a freezing cold day. Temp says 12 but with the cold wind more like zero! And none of dressed for it as yesterday wasn't cold at all (21)!
Tomorrow we will fly to Manaus, Brazil where we were told it is 28C. Our bodies are going to be soooo mixed up!


  1. Its hard to believe that you are already on the other side of the world. The hotel and the police look interesting. Those temperature fluctuations are a pain. keep an extra layer handy.

  2. Brrrr, sounds cold in Santiago. I much prefer the temperature you'll get tomorrow.