Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunday 21 September, 2014

Rob had started with a sore throat yesterday and although that cleared up, today he has a head cold so he is staying in bed all day. Jan, Michelle, Ken and I took the optional tour and drove one and a half hours to a ranch. We were met by the head Gaucho with a kiss as we got off the bus and then had drinks and an empanada (pastry filled with beef mince and hard boiled egg). Horseback riding was next and it was interesting to watch people try and get on a horse who have never ridden before! even the oldest lady on the tour got on a horse for a ride. That was followed by a carriage ride. I went along more for something to do while Rob was sick, rather than wanting to see a Ranch. Lunch was a huge bar b que for several hundred people.
Following lunch was a show, including two tango dancers. They performed so well!!! Then the head Gaucho did he have a terrific voice. He was in his element! They had a few more performances and then several groups of people got up to dance. The head Gaucho came and asked Michelle to dance and she said that he sang the whole time he was dancing with her! They then took us outside and showed us how they round up the horses and keep them together. But what was more interesting is the competition that they had. They had three small metal rings hanging from leather straps and the guys would race on their horses holding a large nail and try to put the nail through the ring. Surprisingly they managed it quite a few times. More surprisingly is that I caught it on camera! After they get the ring, they find a female in the crowd to give it to, put her on the back of the horse, and ride off to the bushes!
And we rode off back to the hotel!

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  1. Wow a kiss from a real Gaucho while poor Rob is in bed sick oh dear! Love the photos.