Monday, 22 September 2014

Saturday 20 September 2014

A bus tour of the city was on today's agenda. Sun was shining bright, Jan and I were even up to see the sun rise! Bit breezy and 16 but if you found a sunny spot it was very nice!
We saw La Casa de Rosada (the President's Pink House), the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cemetery of the Recoleta the burial site of Eva Perone. At the Cathedral we were fortunate to see the guards coming on duty at the tomb of San Martin who had a lot to do with the revolution.
At the cemetery, we were walking around with our mouths wide open. It was a cemetery of mosoleums, one right next to the other. We were told this was the cemetery of the millionaires - I don't think anyone else can afford to be buried here. Eva Perone was finally brought home and buried here in the 70's with her relatives. There was a dog that everyone was rubbing so that there wishes would come true!
We walked through the La Bova area which is a real artists section of town. It is a place where small artists can show there wares! There were also men and women dressed up to do the Tango and they would come up and start dancing with you. They were after money to dance and pose for photos...US $10. Michele have them $1 and said that is all your getting!
We then went by 9th of July Avenue...the widest street in Buenos Aires, 4 lanes of traffic going each way with a garden strip between the left side of the road and the right side of the road. 9 July and 25 May are very important dates in BA but the memory fails me as to why (I mean that was two whole days ago-I am writing this on Monday on the plane and no Internet.)
Amazing what they can do with scrap metal from airplanes! They had this whole park full of sculptures that were so interesting. Then they had a flower that opened in the day and closed at night!
After the tour we found a little place to have lunch, a three course meal for $10. And it was huge. We sat next to a table of about 10 guys. Believe it or not they were from Qld and taking part in the Masters Rugby Union. Poor guys they had had their flight canceled (same one that the All Blacks were supposed to have been on) and their luggage hadn't caught up with them yet. Then another group sat down next to us and they were Australians as well. We have seen so many Australians!

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  1. Loved the metal flower that opens and closes. The colours of the buildings are great.