Monday, 22 September 2014

Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Dinner tonight was a Brazilian Bar B Que, a buffet of salads and vegetables with the meat carved at your table. and all you can eat...lamb and ribs were the best, Rob liked the sausages and there were several kinds of beef as well. it just kept coming!
Then we went to a Samba show. Before the show, they have several of the guys and gals? who were in the show wander through the audience posing with everyone and taking photos. You can then buy the photos after the show. (some are just photos and others they print on souvenir small plates with a stand). The costumes were all that was expected! Bright, colourful and spectacular. The show was the history of Brazil. There were ladies with big bowls of fruit on their heads, gauchos -men all dressed in white wooing the ladies, others doing the tango and then they had some of the spectacular outfits that had won Carnivale in previous year. And of course the music was great!

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  1. Wow the food and costumes look over the top.