Sunday, 11 January 2015

Friday 9 / Saturday 10 2015

Please excuse all the double and triple photos! Blogger playing up for me!!!
What a surprise to wake up to rain. Supposedly it only rains in the wet season! This morning we visited Star Flower Special School...we had spent a few days helping the teachers last time we were here. I recognized several of the children and spent some time playing and counting. 

Big used to pick up and drop off the children at their homes every day...a two hour trip each way. World Education used to support the school but now that they have moved to Burma, it is unsure what the future is for the school. They have been trying to raise funds to be able to stay open. They are going to move soon because the owner wants the building. Hopefully the negotiations with a new program (Stepping Stones) run by a physiotherapist will be positive for all.
I was stunned by the art work these children had done. They had coloured the rice, then glued it to make the shapes of fruit. I don't think I would have the patience to glue all the rice so carefully...and most of these children have fine motor problems!

We then went to lunch at Canadian Dave's as Andrew felt like a burger. I had a lovely bacon and tomato croissant but I have never seen one so big. I had already eaten a third when I thought to take a photo!

Jan took the morning to have a pedicure, facial, hair cut and blow dry..all for $20. The girl did a terrific job spoiling Jan!
After lunch I went to have a full body oil massage. It was just wonderful, not remedial so no pain! Just utter bliss! And only $15. Wish I could bring some of these girls back to Aust but then they'd charge Aussie prices!

Today Friday, was very rainy as well! As Casa Mia was closed (they deliver breakfast) Jan And I walked up to Canadian Dave's for a meal. Pancakes for Jan and scrambled eggs and a bagel for me! 

They do not believe in small meals here! Andrew and Liz joined us and then we drove to the more affluent part of town. As with any country there is such a difference in those who have and those who don't.
We the went to a very posh place for coffee

Back at Baan Thai we had a meeting about our school, Blah Toh, and put together a budget for 2015. As most budgets, need to look at the essentials first and then the other things that are needed and of course wishes come last. Our High Tea raises about 75% of the essentials so we need to think of some other fundraising options. Tomorrow Andrew will talk to Big about what he sees as needs for the school as he is there more often then us.
We then headed to Tesco to look at an iPad mini for Big so that he can keep in touch easier with us and then had lunch at a Korean restaurant, another cook at your table!
I read for a couple hours in the afternoon and we then went to the restaurant next door to the guest house for tea. I could probably go all day without eating for the amount I have eaten in the last two weeks.

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