Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Monday 5 January, 2015

Today we headed for Blah Toh, the area in the Karen State of Burma (Myanmar) where our school is located. The vehicles are packed with everything that we bought yesterday! The children and the teacher just love it when we bring things for the school! 
The trip is an arduous journey. Only about 150km from Mae Sot but it took us 5 1/2hrs as is a very bumpy road that has over 1200 curves and corners. Jan drives as it doesn't upset her stomach so much.
We arrived at about 2 and the children had a huge welcome sign on the front of the school to welcome us! 

They were so excited to see us...we get so many hugs from them! They are all so helpful and made light work of all the equipment and school supplies we had managing the steep steps with ease!

Two years ago when I was here, I took lots of photos of the students and different things around. I had the photos printed in 8x10 and made photo books. I wrote the sentences in English and sent them to a teacher in Mae Sot at the special school who translated them into Karen and Thai then sent them back to me so I could print them off and glue them in the books. The teacher must use the books often as they could remember the English words! 

The students learn Karen, Thai and English. Two years ago, the children knew no English. now most of them can count in English as well as say their colours in English. All greetings are done in English and they are able to understand simple directions. The teacher has done a marvelous job with the children!
We always buy games and equipment that we know the children will enjoy and learn from! I think we get just as much fun buying as the kids do playing (and of course we get to play too!)
We also bought a bike ($40) for the kids and plenty of sporting equipment! 
The children usually go home at 3 but it was 4:30 when we took off so that the kids would go home as they didn't want to leave us. We headed back to Umphang to a place that we stay. Such a lovely place, like a tropical rainforest and I love all the flowers there!!

Had a shower as Blah Toh is so dusty, then we went to find dinner! Came back and hit the sack, tiring day!

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  1. Wow 5and half hours for 150k that is a hard drive. You all look so happy. The kids receiving and you giving. It must be very rewarding seeing how they have improved from last year. No wonder you were tired. Take care.