Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday 11 January, 2015

Overcast this morning but at least it is not raining. We decided to go for a drive along the river border to see some villages. Pretty landscapes in places and lots of trash in others which is always sad to see.
 We wound our way here and there and ended up across the river where Big was born and lived for a few years in an army camp as his Dad was a Doctor and moved around.

Whoops wrong turn, ended up at a house!
As we were driving we saw a monastery so decided to stop in. I don't think all the people standing in the yard had seen very many westerners as they all started talking amongst themselves and pointing at us. We asked if we could have a look inside but they had trouble opening the doors from the outside and were let in by someone on the inside, so we wandered in. 

One of the monks came to talk to us and he had done a lot of the carving in the temple.

It was quite a beautiful temple. The monk tied a rope bracelet on each one of us for good luck!
We stopped at a hot springs 

and sat with our feet in the water for awhile, just so lovely and my feet felt so soft afterwards.

 You can pay 40 THB ($18) for an hour in a spa with the hot springs water! Next time!

We continued along the river on the Thailand side, with Burma on the other, and in some places the river was only several meters wide. They wash in it and boats carry people back and forth!
We stopped at Big's cousins sisters house and we saw them weaving using huge looms. It was fascinating to watch, feet going up and down. One hand going up and down while the other lifts the threads. And another one spinning the yarn!

We then stopped at a border crossing. There are guards there but we didn't see them do anything in the 20 min that we were there. There is a bridge and people pass from Thailand to Burma and back again, no questions asked!
On the way home we saw this temple really high up on a hill!
Also saw some lovely coloured roosters

Totally exhausted but a terrific day!

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  1. That was a big day. Lots to see and do. The weaving looked very interesting.