Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Today is our last day at the school. So sad...  We got to the school and the teacher gave Liz and I Karen shirts. They were so nice but the amazing thing was that Naw Day Wah had hand woven the tops! How special was that!

Some of the children wore the clothes that we had given them...for a second day. They get so dirty! 

When we arrived, one of the tiniest children headed for the truck. Someone must have lifted him up into the truck and he promptly fell asleep. He was just burning up with a fever, had a very rattley chest and pus coming out of one ear. Liz and I took him into the teachers house and kept bathing him with cool water and also to try and clean him up. He didn't even wake up while we were washing him, but you could see he was resting more easily. That brought the temperature down a little bit so we let him sleep. At lunch his brother took him to his grandfathers house and when the mother came home they were going to tell her to take him to the clinic, so hopefully she does that.

The children sang several songs for us, in English and Karen and also the Karen National Anthem (they all stand at attention). Some of them put so much enthusiasm into it!

Then they put a play on for us...Goldilocks and the Three Bears...and all in English! We were impressed! They did such a good job, it was a great presentation!
This was when the three bears returned and were tasting their porridge!

We unpacked more things for the teacher and the children. We had bought 25 pairs of thongs at $1.50 each and did a pretty good job of getting the sizes right! 
Most of the children did not go home for lunch so we played games, sharpened the pencils we brought with the new pencil sharpener and put things away in the new drawers.
And even did the chicken dance!

Last time down the 30 min ride on the dirt track, and we made it back to Mae Sot in record time. Nearly 6 hrs to get there and only 3 1/2 to get back...a bit of a hair raising trip around the corners!
Couldn't wait to have a hot shower! All the dirty clothes in a plastic bag and I'll get them washed...might cost me all of $3! Wish I could bring Ah Noh home with me!

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