Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday 12 January, 2015

Yesterday Andrew ordered what he thought was a serve of toast and eggs and ended up with one piece of toast and one egg. So today he ordered 6 eggs and 6 toasts for 3 of us and you guessed it...We got 12 pieces of toast and 12 eggs! So quite a few of the staff had eggs and toast!
We then headed to the site of the new Mae Sot Clinic. Wow, is it going to be nice!
The mountains that you can see between the building is Burma.
The only thing is, it is so far out of town I don't know how anyone is going to get there. The present clinic is close to town. It is for the Burmese people living in Thailand. The Japanese government has close ties with the Burmese and is paying for the two storey building that you see in the photos.
It is amazing how they build over here. No thought to workplace health and safety! Scaffolding is bamboo and they just walk along the reinforcement! Better them than me considering I hate heights!
About 4 women on site which was good to see.

Many of the workers live on site while they are building.

Also next door to the hospital are the dormitories for the students who go to the Thai High School. Quite often they live so far away that they can't get to school on a daily basis. There were rooms for study so that they didn't have to stay in their rooms.
We passed a new road being built that will go from Thailand through Burma, India into Pakistan and further. It will be interesting to see what it will be like next year when we come. There is so much building going on in Mae Sot. If all the houses and units being built were occupied, I'm sure it would almost double the population.

The rest of the day was another pampering experience. Jan and I both has facials, head massages, shampoo and blow dry...$10. Thai massage for an hour was $8. Then I had a manicure and pedicure for another $8. Getting very spoiled here... Went shopping in the markets, nice white dress thongs $10 and a pair of pants were $8.on my way back I spotted this beautiful flower which I think is a storm flower as we had lots of rain last week!

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  1. There certainly seems like a lot of development going on. the clinic looks great not sure about the kids dormitories. enjoy your pampering you won't want to pay our prices when you return. (Which is when?)