Sunday, 4 January 2015

Saturday 3 /Sun 4 January 2015

Today we went to Borderline Book store and tea shop for breakfast as the other places we thought of were closed. This place supports Burmese living in Thailand and sells goods made by Burmese women.nafter breakfast we had a Burmese Cooking class in their kitchen. Jan and I had done the class two years ago but we chose some different dishes so learned some new things. We chose a Mandalay Noodle Salad, coconut pancakes, Dahl and vegetable curry and a banana honey drink. 
We then went to the markets and Saturday is certainly shopping day. Cars, trucks, motorcycles all compete with the bicyclists and people walking! Dodgem is the name of the game!

The variety of the markets is amazing and there are all different sections, Thai, Burmese, Chinese etc. we bought the ingredients for the meals we are going to make then stopped at a tea house for some local delicacies, a custard pudding after mimosas and little duck pies. So many things that we would just not eat...they eat all parts of everything. We saw some little turtles, toads, cockroaches and chickens with all their insides next to the meat. The picture just above is dried shrimp! Back to the kitchen and start preparations! But we made so much! Even after the four of us plus Maung Maung Tin who came for lunch, it looked like we hadn't touched a thing! 
Headed back to the guest house for a massage! Heaven! 
The night markets were on so we wandered through them,,,so many different types of food, sweet and savory and so crowded!
We then went to Canadian Daves for dinner...a Canadian who came to Mae Sot, married a Thai lady, opened a restaurant and never looked back. I was so full from tasting goodies all morning and then eating what we made for lunch, I could hardly eat another thing so I just had a bagel and cream cheese for dinner.
This morning was shopping day after a Karen breakfast of things I have no idea of, but they all tasted nice, soups and noodles and tempura tofu.
We made a list of things that we needed for Blah Toh and off we went, spending money and filling two large trolleys quite full and only spent about $400. Then off to buy a guitar ($40) and storage containers. Wish things were this cheap at home!
The others had massages while I packed most everything in the storage containers so that we will have room for everything and everyone when we go to Blah Toh tomorrow.
Tonight we are having tea here at the guest house that we will order from a small place that we wanted to go to the other night but the smoke in the place was not going to make for a nice meal. And what a feast! Again my resolution is to try all so I had fish cakes, cashew and pork hoisin, steamed ginger fish with lemongrass, sweet and sour prawns, coconut and chilli soup and a very very spicy hot pork soup with noodles.
To say the least we certainly enjoyed the feast! Notice the roll of "serviettes" that Karen people use!!

Off to Blah Toh school in the morning.

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  1. The food looks scrumptious. Good on you for trying everything. Those massages sound incredible.