Saturday, 17 January 2015

Thursday 15, Friday 16 January, 2015

We wandered the city once we checked in and ended up having dinner at a BBQ restaurant. As I said before, very expensive for Thailand, but at least we knew what we were eating!

Friday morning we stopped at the chemist as 7 Imodium tablets haven't helped my Thai Belly. So the chemist gave me a course of antibiotics, some buscapan for cramps and a few packets of electrolytes to keep my salts up. So cheap...$6 compared with about $250 that Rob had to pay for a Dr appt and antibiotic in the states!
We found some markets and bought shoes...$ cheap! Then we found a cute coffee shop 
that had a resident squirrel that liked running around.
We then walked toward the old town of Chaing Mai which is surrounded by the ancient walls and a moat. There are 4 gates to the city, we have seen one so far! 

So many temples around, each more glamorous than the last.

We couldn't resist another foot $6 for an hour they are so refreshing!
Chaing Mai is certainly the city of motor bikes, would you believe Thai law says the driver must have a helmet. Sometimes you see Mum, Dad and 2-3 kids on the bike and only Dad has a helmet!
This was a monument to the Three Kings but as we can't read Thai, we don't know anything about it!
Returned later in the evening for a night shot.
More shopping along the way...we only have 15kg baggage allowance from Chaing Mai to Bangkok...I think we are going to be in trouble!

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  1. It is a much bigger city than I thought. Love the temple. Sorry to hear about your tummy problem.