Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thursday 8 January 2015

After all the hype and excitement of the last few days, we decided relaxation was the order of the day! After breakfast we headed down the street for a foot massage! There was only one girl in the shop but she was soon on the phone with two more girls. What a wonderful hour. These girls are so strong! 
Jan and Liz ended up with about an hour and a half, but my girl was a clock watcher and I got exactly one hour! But for $8 you can't complain! The 10 minutes she worked on my neck broke up all the knots and I now have so much movement that I didn't have before!
Back at Baan Thai, I worked on my blog trying to catch up and late in the afternoon I succeeded! We then went for a walk to get a Hot Chocolate at Hazel! Liz and Andrew took another path and were to meet us there but we didn't see them so we walked back. Only to see the car gone....Thant said they were out looking for us! Evidently since we weren't there when they got there, they came back to the guest house. (We had stopped at a shop to look for reading books for the kids at Blah Toh!)

We decided to go to the Bar B Que restaurant...all you can eat for 289BHT or about $11 which is very expensive compared to what we have been paying (most nights dinner for 6 is about $30)
They have long tables of food to choose from and bar b que's on each table. So the vegetables go in the water around the plate and the meat is cooked on the top plate!

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  1. Boy am I envious of those massage sessions. Expensive meal for that area and then you have to cook it yourself???hee hee