Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sunday, May 8 2016

We had a very special Mother's Day. We attended Mass at the Hofburgkapelle as the Vienna Boys Choir was singing. 

We were blown away at the size of the chapel as from outside you had no idea what was behind the walls. 

We were shown to our seats. (Climb to the third floor then back down to the second!) When we saw our seats at first we were really disappointed as we were above the altar and couldn't see. But there were 3 TV's so we could see the Mass.

But then we realized we were at the same level as the choir and orchestra and could see and hear them quite well!
The conductor was so interesting to watch. He really loved his job!
The choir was fabulous! There were some cheeky boys....just being boys!
They came down to the altar to sing a song at the end of Mass. Amazing!

The chapel was on 3 floors of the Hofburg Palace.
We then took a taxi back to the hotel to change clothes before heading off to do some sightseeing. Vienna is huge...very hard to get your bearings!
We stopped at the Albertine Museum to see the Monet and Picasso exhibition. The staircase to the Museum was very interesting!

Also stopped at St Stephen's Cathedral. Each church is more
impressive than the last!

In the church they had 3 huge lace pieces of art, Love, Belief and Hope. They were created by Eva Petric. They were stunning!

The pipe organ was magnificent!

We had dinner at a local restaurant...the boys were deciding which beer they would try ...

.Jan and I ordered spareribs! What a meal...we shared with Rob!

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