Friday, 20 May 2016

Wednesday 18, Thursday 19, Friday 20 May, 2016

Rob went to the Spy Museum today. It was full of interactive exhibits that covered 3500 years of espionage history.
As I don't particularly like museums, I headed to the shopping center. Amazingly I found an outfit in the first shop I looked in. I'm sorry I didn't need more clothes. They are so different here! Found a few more things then headed back to the hotel to drop the shopping and head across town for some chocolate bars.
Dinner was at the House of 100 Beers...
There were actually 100 beers on the menu!

We took two subways to get to the Charlottenburg Palace, summer home of Sophie Charlotte who was the wife of King Friedrich l of Prussia. Much of it was destroyed during the war and has been rebuilt to some extent. The grounds were massive. This was the green everywhere!
These panels were painted on timber and the fabric was silk.
This was a beautiful dresser with gold handles.
The Palace from the back.
King Wilhelm in the mausoleum.The carved marble was so amazing. It even looked like his cloak was trimmed in fur. The detail was so intricate.
Flew to Frankfurt Friday and took a walk around the city...TGIF Frankfurt style!

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