Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday, 4, May, 2016

Today is bus day! We will travel from Prague to Budapest, a distance of 535km and it will be the longest trip we have to make. 
Lovely countryside on the way. There were some lovely little villages and then apartment buildings galore! Evidently up to 10 years ago, all apartment and office buildings were grey and are just recently being renovated and painted more brightly. We have noticed that people dress in greys and blacks although that could have to do with how cold it is.

We stopped at Bratislava for lunch and time to wander around town. Quite a cute town but wind was sooo cold blowing off the Danube. Temperature said 15 but it was more like 5. I bought a sleeveless puffer jacket before we left and it is doing a great job of keeping me warm!
There were some nice sculptures we passed and some modern structures.
We had a great lunch, I had a hearty bean soup with some Brie and toast. Just right for the weather!
There was quite a lot to see but we only had two hrs so not much time after eating lunch.
All along the way we have seen so many wind turbines.
Bus rules say we need to stop every 2.5 hrs for the bus driver but it is great to stretch your legs!
Arrived in Budapest at 7pm at a restaurant which worked out well as it had been such a long day on the bus. Managed to get a group photo
It was such a beautiful restaurant and the food was great!
And we were serenaded by a bass, accordion and guitar!

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  1. That sculpture of the guy coming out of a manhole is my all time favourite . I loved the statues in Bratislavia. We had a fabulous young boy guide there. "Eric" he was so passionate about his city. I'm really enjoying the tour with you and the best thing is I don't feel cold.