Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Monday 23, Tuesday 24 May, 2016

Monday is travelling day. We checked out of the hotel and wheeled our suitcases down the street to the train station. Train to the airport and bus to the international terminal. I booked these tickets 9 months ago and there were no Business Class seats using frequent flyer points (I counted about 90 in Business class)  soooo we had to go First Class! And that is a first for us! Seats are huge...much bigger than Business and of course the seat lies completely flat. There is a cupboard to store and hang your clothes, a lounging outfit to change into and very personalized service.

We landed at 7am Tues, took the train to Kawloon and then the bus to near our hotel. For the first time we rested when we got in, as neither of us really slept on the 11 hr flight.
Our hotel is right on the Harbour...the views would be fabulous if there wasn't any pollution!

About one we headed out to look around..it is so hot and humid!
It really took our energy out of us so back for another rest! Hopefully we'll be good tomorrow!
The new, the old and the crazy..the ice creams sprouted mists but I don't know why anyone wants to add more humidity to this place!

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  1. Wow first class and you couldn't sleep?? HK is a humid hole but its good when you arrive fromEurope with bronchitis like I did once. I stopped coughing when the humid air got into my lungs. Not much good for walking long distances though.