Saturday, 14 May 2016

Friday 13 May, Saturday 14 May, 2016

Andy and Rob headed off to Dachau today for a tour of the concentration camp.
Jan and I decided to venture to the shops. I only wish I had room in my suitcase. Clothes here are cute and different to what we see at home. Bought a pair of leggings, a necklace and earrings. Jan bought some really cute tennis shoes, sadly they didn't fit me. Zips on the side so you didn't have to lace them up.
Somewhat drizzly weather today, not bad enough to worry about. It only got uncomfortable when we were walking home from the Asian excellent meal. Did not think we would see Asian food in Germany let alone something delicious!
Saturday morning sees us saying good bye to Jan and Andy as they head back to San Diego. I have known Jan and Andy for nearly 48 years! The 4 of us just pick up where we left off when we meet again. We travel so well together! We only wish we lived closer.
Need to take a lesson in packing from Jan and Andy. This is their luggage for 18 days!
So as Jan and Andy headed for the airport, we headed for the train station to find our train for Berlin.
This train went on forever! We were soon doing 185km but I think we got the milk hour in and three stops. Five hours to go but at least we can enjoy the countryside and have a forced rest! The train is so smooth! 
Lovely green fields and cute villages along the way and about 1000 cars waiting to be bought.

There were three of these transport trains and they seemed to go forever!

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  1. Its good to have good travelling friends. They sure pack light. Train travel over there is super.