Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sat 7 May, 2016

Today was bus day, from Budapest to Vienna. Although only 350km, we had several stops and arrived at our hotel at 5pm.
We passed through the border patrol with no problems but they are checking all cars and trucks for refugees. This is something new as before there were always open borders.
Austria has a population of 8.6 million in 84,000sq km. Vienna has about 2 million people, densely populated (4200 people per sq km). Whereas the Czech Republic was very flat, Austria has lovely rolling hills. We stopped in Baden for lunch, a really cute town, they had a flea market that we wandered around and then had lunch.

We then stopped in the Vienna pretty and green!

Arrived in Vienna and walked to the Vienna Ticket office to pick up our tickets for the Vienna Choir Boys performance on Sunday. The wandered around until we found the venue so we would know where to go in the morning. 
Stopped for dinner and saw the remnants of the sunset. Closest to a sunset we have seen as the sun doesn't set until after 8:30!

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  1. It looks a bit warmer there. Vienna is such a romantic city. You must have Zacher Cake and coffee at the famous Zacher Hotel.