Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Last night we went to the Symphony of Lights. The music is lovely and there is a laser show on the buildings...less than spectacular but the music made up for it!

Wednesday morning we took the ferry to Hong Kong Island and then a bus to the Peak. We took an hours walk around the peak. It was such a pretty place, green and lush, almost rainforest like. In fact if the signs had not been in Chinese, you could have been anywhere. The views were lovely...

The lush side of the island.
An unexpected surprise! A waterfall on our walk.
And a rubber tree!
The Peak building.
We took the vehicular down from the peak!
Later in the day we went to the Stanley Street Markets. They are well known but we were very disappointed. The vendors did not want to bargain and prices were very high.

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