Sunday, 22 May 2016

Saturday 21, May, Sunday 22 May, 2016

Surprisingly there is not a lot to see in Frankfurt. The city itself has a population of 600,000 the urban area 2.2million and the regional area has 5.5million so you would think there would be lots to do. 
Last night when we went to dinner, we saw how Frankfurt celebrates TGIF.

Sat we just wandered down to the river and around town taking in the people shopping and all the cute little pop ups. Rob was checking out all the locks on one of the bridges on the Main River.
This is a view of the city from one of the bridges.
There is also a huge Euro in the plaza..constructed and finished for the start of the Euro on 1Jan, 2012. The Stars represent the countries in the Eurozone. It is 14 m high and 50 tonne.

Many of the buildings in Germany look the same, this is the opera house.
Don't know what this building was but it was cutely done!
This was the roof of one of the shopping centers.
We had an excellent steak dinner at the Buffalo Restaurant
This photo was taken at 8pm! Sunset is at 9pm and there is a twilight too!
What I think of as a typical German Plaza.

Sunday we spent the day at Germany's largest Botanical Gardens. Perfect day for it. Sunny and 25! The Rododendrons were amazing!!
Cute family of turtles!
Lovely setting!

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