Friday, 13 May 2016

Thursday 12 May, 2016

Today Rob and I headed off to the BMW museum while Jan and Andy went shopping and toured the palace. BMW has an amazing complex consisting of the Veld ( a modern and very creative building) a 55,000 sq m round museum, 4 circular office towers and the huge factory. If you book several months in advance you can tour the factory, sadly we didn't know this.
The Veld is a showcase for all the new BMW's, conference rooms and cafe.

Rob had his picture taken with the Ryder's Cup, a golf tournament sponsored by BMW.

The museum showed the history of the company through their airplane engines, motorcycles and cars. It was very well done. Also had a section called "inspiration" where they had spheres that seemed to float to music and make shapes.
They also had a section where you could try out the motorcycles for size! Maybe this will be our next tour!
Outside was another display of cars. I loved the Rolls Royce convertible!!
Next to the BMW complex is the Olympic Complex from the 1972 Munich games. We went up the spire to have lunch. At first the restaurant was not turning but we saw a technician and soon we were rotating. The spire is 185 m high and the elevator travels at 7 metres per second. Fabulous views from the restaurant and the viewing platform.
This was the swimming complex.

The main stadium
Another complex
The Olympic Village
The spire
View of the city of Munich.

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