Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Monday May 9, Tuesday May 10, 2016

Off to the Ferris Wheel this morning to get a birds eye view of Vienna. I new it was big, and from the 65 meter Ferris wheel we could see everywhere!

The Ferris wheel was in an Amusement Park and some of the rides were pretty scary!

We took the train back to the city and had ice creams for lunch! We figure we are doing so much walking that we can have treats! We are averaging about 16,000 steps per day or about 10+ km.
We then took one of the trams that went all the way around the inner city so we could get a view of all that we did not have time to see.

Tues morning we left our hotel in Vienna and headed to Krems where we boarded a boat for a cruise on the Danube River for 1 1/2 hrs. What a great day for a cruise, a bit overcast and very windy at times but no rain. We have been very lucky with the weather.

It was a very relaxing trip just looking at all the little villages along the river, the castles everywhere and the grape vines on the side of the cliffs.

We then headed to the small town of Melk where the famous Abbey is. We walked through the sections that we could without taking the tour.

We walked into the village for lunch...such a cute little village...have a look at the city bus!

On to Salzburg where we will be staying for the night.

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  1. A lovely part of the world. I loved Melk and the Abbey. It was amazing inside. I was intrigued with the old books.