Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tues evening, May 10, Wednesday May 11, 2016

This evening, as we were late into Salzburg, we had an organized dinner at an 800 yr old restaurant in St Peter's abbey. It was about a 15 minute walk from where the bus dropped us off as buses are not allowed in the town center. We passed lots of interesting buildings.
Salzburg is a town of 150,000 split in two by the Salzach River, the old town and the new town. We spent all our time in the old town. Salzburg was ruled by prince-bishop. The below photo shows the Hohen Salzburg Fortress that overlooked the town.
The below is the cathedral

Below is an example of modern art that was donated to the city.

A game of chess in the Resiidenzplatz.
And after dinner we saw some lovely night lights!
The Platz at night
The fortress well lit!
No sunsets but managed to capture the moon.
We had a local tour of the town. Salzburg is such a quaint little town, I could stay for a week!

We saw where Mozart was born and baptized in the cathedral.

Ceiling in the cathedral.

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  1. A beautiful city and the photos of the cathedral are lovely. The fortress is a beauty too. I camped nearby 45 years ago hee hee. It was very cold.