Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday 10May, 2013

The squirrels were certainly up to some antics this morning! They climb the birdhouse pole and jump over to the bird feeder, hang by their back legs and pull themselves up to eat out of the feeder. There were also some cardinals, blackbirds and chickadees but too quick for me! Lovely view from the breakfast room.
We were sooo disappointed this morning. We had planned to go to Martha's Vineyard and set out to drive to Wood's Hole at the southwest end of the cape. Traffic was busy after we got off the main highway but got to the ferry in plenty of time, only to be told that we had to turn round and drive 4.5 miles back to town to park in their parking lot as there is no parking near the ferry. As we drove in the parking lot the shuttle bus to the ferry was driving out! It was 10:30am and we were hoping to catch the 10:45. As the next ferry wasn't until noon (45 min to the Vineyard) and we still had a couple hours to drive to Newport we wouldn't have had enough time so we decided to give it a miss.
We stopped at the Ashumut Sanctuary and walked around the lake. It was so pretty! We were also lucky to see some frogs, swans and Canadian snow geese. The swans really didn't like geese honking and kept chasing them all around the lake!
Took off then for Rhode Island, the smallest US state. What a beautiful drive! We stayed off the main highway and really enjoyed the drive.
Over here they have some big roundabouts but they call them a rotary!
We are staying at a historic bed and breakfast, heritage listed, a street back from the harbour. We walked through the town to dinner and had fantastic baby back ribs! We shared a meal as we were still full from breakfast (and didn't have lunch). Kept walking through cute!

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  1. bad luck about Martha's Vineyard but i'm sure there are many other interesting places to visit. The frog shots are terrific. The B&B looks lovely.We did B&Bs when we toured NZ and loved it. Tassie too.