Sunday, 26 May 2013

Saturday 25 May, 2013

The alewives (or herring as we know them) were running so even though it was raining lightly we stopped to have a look. Many more than we saw in Cape Cod and a many more "ladders" (a series of rock steps to help the fish get upstream). The volunteers who build the ladders and protect the alewives were having a Memorial Day festival and we felt so sorry for them with the poor weather. Again as in Cape Cod, the poor houses around had the gulls live on their roofs. But I did see a fushia that I had never seen before...very pretty!
Off to the lighthouse at Pemaquid Beach on Hog Island off the coast of Maine. We climbed to the top by a spiral staircase but as the weather was rainy and foggy, we couldn't see much. The rocks in front were certainly treacherous.
The B&B we were staying at had a lovely lilac bush in front. We were told they only bloom for a few weeks. We had vases of them in our rooms but unfortunately I had to put them in the bathroom as the fragrance gave me a headache.

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