Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tuesday 21 / Wednesday 22 May, 2013

The B&B we are staying in is so cute. It is only open 5 months of the year as it has no insulation. It was built as a summer vacation home rather than year round. The movie Peyton Place was filmed there as was one of Stephen Kings books films.
As it was cold and rainy, we headed for the Owls Head Transportation Museum. What an interesting place and so well done. They had all sorts of machines that had to do with transportation, including a fabulous collection of old MG's (1930's) and other cars, motor cycles, models of the first airplanes and some actual small airplanes. The museum is run entirely by volunteers who come in and clean the exhibits and even start all the engines!
We then braved the elements and walked to the Owls Head Lighthouse, the wind was like ice.
Rested for the afternoon and then Jan and I walked into town to look at an antique shop. I found some really nice serviette rings that I liked. The guys met us in town for dinner...more lobster. We have had so much seafood and all of it great.
Pack up day again (Wed) and off to Bar Harbour! Weather is cold, miserable and raining off and on. Temps for the last few days have been 5C - 10C. We were hoping to have been able to drive/walk some trails in Camden Hills State Park but the weather was not on our side.
We had heard that Lincolnville had a fabulous beach...have a look at the photo, we were not impressed! If people think this is great can you imagine what they would say if they saw Queensland beaches!
As we drove further, one of the islands had a pedestrian walkway to the island but it was closed today.
We arrived in Bar Harbor, unpacked and headed out for a walk. The path to Bar Island is walkable only at low tide and we happened to hit the time perfectly! Amazing to think the path is completely under water at high tide. You could then walk to the summit to see back to Bar Harbor.
As it was heading towards "beer o clock" we wandered around town to find a place to have a few drinks and Cherry Stones fit the bill and looked so good we stayed for dinner and were not disappointed.


  1. It looks a little colder where you are than here in Cooktown where it is 30deg and pretty humid. Cheers to both of you, Bill and Diane

    1. Forgot to mention, we only just got WiFi and probably won't have it again for a few days.