Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thursday 23 May, 2013

Cold and very foggy but its not raining and it's not as cold as the last few days so that is a plus!
Yesterday we went over to Bar Island at low tide...and today we saw it at high tide. What a difference!
Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island and the majority of the island is Acadia National Park. The Visitor Centre has a 15 minute film to give you an overview of the park. The Inn we are staying at gave us an audio CD to use while we toured the park loop road. The CD was great as it gave information about each of the places on the loop. There was so much to see...reflections, different flowers (the purple is called Jack in the Pulpit but can't remember the name of the yellow) and lots of scenic tracks. We got so much exercise getting in and out of the car at all of the stops, never mind all the trails we walked!
Sand Beach as well as the whole island is swamped in the summer. They say the loop road is car to car with everyone visiting the park. The pink granite on the coast was awesome to look at! At one of the stops, we saw a cute seal "sunning" himself and smiling? at us.
The fog was so bad as we continued up to Cadillac Mountain (466metres) which is the highest peak on the Atlantic Coast, that we could hardly see. Not a god day for views but we had no choice as we are off tomorrow and more rain is predicted. We stopped to see Bubble Rock, and what a climb it was to get up there! Nearly two km return over rocks, tree roots and steps. At the top we saw this rock, holding put on the edge of a hill and has been there since the glaciers pushed through the area.
When we got to the top, it was so foggy that we could only see a few feet in front of us windy as could be so we didn't even get out of the car!
Lobster for dinner again! We are trying to find the best lobster in Maine ( at $20 for 1 1/4 pound can't complain) this place was the best so far and such a cute place!

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