Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday 11 May, 2013

What a huge breakfast this B&B puts many types of fruit, fruit juice, yoghurt, bagels and muffins (the owners also have a bagel shop). Hot dish was a strawberry baked brioche. Have a look at the size of the strawberry, I only needed one!
Thankfully today was exercise day! We headed out across town along a beautiful tree lined avenue, to the beginning of the Cliff Walk, a 3 1/2 mile track along the edge of the beach cliffs, in front of the biggest, most ginormous houses I have ever seen that belong/have belonged to the rich. One of the Vanderbilt houses was 11million to build in the 1800's.Tthe first half of the track was very easy on a concrete path then the path disappeared and it became a rock track. At one place they had the frame to a fence but hadn't put the chain link up which was a good thing as we had to walk along the frame to get passed the washed out path. We seem to think that they had a huge amount of damage from one of the storms as debris was 5 metres above the rocks on the beach. We continued along, Rob was very patient with me as sometimes it is slow going for me climbing up and over the rocks. There was a very light sprinkle of rain towards the end of the walk but nothing to worry about. We ended up walking for 4 1/2 hours! Then needed to stop for a hot chocolate and coffee...temp 13C.
On the way back, we went past the church where JFK married Jackie, very pretty and beautiful stained glass windows!
Back at the B&B we started to look at maps to see where we are headed tomorrow. Playing it by ear for the next 5 days until we meet up with our friends.
Headed out for dinner although we weren't overly hungry. Walked out after dinner and it was pouring rain...first time we have ever been caught in the rain on a holiday (yes we have been very lucky) I ducked in 7/11 and bought an umbrella! Rob was so surprised that they even sold them! Their gutters do not cope with any water and by the time we got back to our room my shoes, socks and leggings were absolutely soaked. Rob didn't fare much better! Now for a nice warm bed!

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