Sunday, 19 May 2013

Saturday 18 May, 2013

Packed up and ready to go, we headed North for our journey to Maine. As we hadn't had breakfast, we stopped in Salem, Mass and found "Reds Sandwich Shop" for breakfast, written up in Lonely Planet. Great meal, I had blueberry bread French Toast, which I'd never had before! As we left, the line was out the door, always a sign for a good place to eat! We of course then had to walk off some of that breakfast so fount the historic part of town and looked at the houses there. Cannot believe the amount of granite we have seen on our trip, kerbs, footpaths, whole buildings, street bollards, everything!
We continued up the coast road rather then the main highway, stopping at towns that we thought we wanted to see. This whole trip has been very relaxing in that sense as we have no timeframes, other than our accommodation spots!
Lovely warm weather today, only needed a light sweater!
After Salem, we stopped at Gloucester, Rockport, and Newburyport before crossing the border into Maine, where we stopped in Kennebunkport before arriving at our accommodation in Portland. The Pomegranate Inn is a quaint B&B! We then headed out for dinner at about 7. The first place we stopped had a 3 hour wait and the next two were 45 min! Yes it was Sat night but there were so many restaurants and it was supposed to be off season! We ended up at a Mexican Restaurant that said 15 min but was really 30 min and it was downhill from there. But as Rob says, you need to have the bad experiences so you more fully enjoy the good ones. But delays, lost orders, incorrect orders and lousy tasting food was not impressive, at least we were with good company!

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