Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday 16 May, 2013

Off to "the best scenic drive" as everyone tells us about the best ride that they think we should take! We stopped at the Basin, a pothole carved by glaciers into the granite like the ones we saw the other day. This was much bigger, 10m x 5 m deep.
Off the scenic drive was the Lincoln Woods Trail in the White Mountains National Park. The trail was about 11 km (3 hours) and the first 3/4 was straight as can be through some beautiful trees with a gorgeous creek running along side for most of the trail. The last bit was up and down and over tree roots but all worth it! Look at how clear the water can see our shadows so clearly!
The scenic drive was scenic but can't say it was any better than the other ones we've been on this trip. Again, some really cute towns.
That took most of the day, we got back about 4:30 and just rested until dinner here at the hotel! Thought we could splurge with a dessert after all the walking we did...look at the size of the Butterscotch Bread and Butter Pudding! Was it delicious!

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